We make it our priority to ensure top paying loads are what keep your trucks moving!

Finding Loads

What will it take to move your truck? You tell us how much $CPM you need, how far do you want to travel and where you want to travel to. Don’t want to travel through mountains? Do you want to acquire 25 LTL’S before you leave town? Not a problem, we are here to accommodate any request/requirements that you “need”. We like to book drivers at least 3 loads out in front. If the wheels aren’t moving, the money is not flowing!

Assigning Loads and Managing Drivers

We only offer you loads that pay via factoring, as your personal dispatcher we believe becoming familiar and getting to know our clients on a personal basis and building a great relationship. We will learn your routes, know when you would like to be home and your availability. Consistency, organization, stability, and loyalty is what we believe secures a successful prosperous relationship, we are all in ~are you?

Maintaining Motor Carrier Compliance Tips

*Maintain a copy of current FMCSA rules in the office. *Complete pre-trip and post-trip inspections of vehicles, with documentation. *Develop a vehicle maintenance program and adhere to it, with documentation. *Ensure that each vehicle is marked with its DOT registration number. *Maintain a record of any road incidents for each vehicle.

Managing Weather Delays | Handling Issues

As drivers ourselves, we understand the challenges you face daily. Time is money and money is time, unfortunately there isn’t enough time in any day. If you would like, we can assist in managing your route, keeping you updated on weather and road conditions all before you reach a potential situation, enabling you to focus on what you do best —DRIVING.

Customer Care

It is vital that shippers, brokers, you and us are in a healthy strong relationship. We will manage these business relationships exceeding all customer service expectations. We will negotiate all your needs. After all, we are your personal dispatcher. We work for and represent you!

Billing Paperwork and Collections

Once you deliver the load, at your request you will email/ e-fax me all of your paperwork (BOL, INVOICING, FACTORING info) and then we will forward all of your paperwork to the broker/shipper saving you time and the inconvenience. We will also follow up ensuring you are paid PROMPTLY per the LOAD agreement.

About Us

At New Inspirations our dispatchers will work hard to find you the best available loads and get you moving. If you’re looking for the best dispatch service for owner-operators & independent truckers, you’ve come to the right place.

 New Inspirations is a professional trucking dispatch provider, serving the USA. We understand the pain & frustration of many truck drivers & owner operators and we are here to serve as an extension of your company. Think of us as your own personal ‘in-house’ dispatcher. You’re the boss (on the road) who calls the shots. 

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